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A Significant Medical Breakthrough:

eyelights can retrain the brain in just 10 min a day!

Wearing your Eyelights, in as little as 10 minutes a day, is scientifically proven to cause dramatic improvements in mental ability, balance, vision,  alertness, ADD, ADHD, autism and so much more. A real technologial and medical miracle!

Enhanced Sports Performance

Whether you are trying to shave off a few seconds from your best time or just find a way to reach that next level, Eyelights can help you achieve a higher level of performance. 

Learn Faster
Retain More!

Eyelights can dramatically improve mental concentration as well as help children overcome learning disabilities such as Dyslexia and ADD.

The Most Valuable Tool Ever Developed!

I have been using the Eyelights in my own private practice and in my Brain Balance Centers for over a decade. I believe that especially when dealing with developmental brain imbalances it is one of the most valuable tools ever developed.

It is especially great for severe issues such as autism and or younger kids when getting them to do active exercises are almost impossible. This is a simple, effective and passive way to powerfully stimulate the brain in a very specific way. I recommend a pair to every patient young or old.

Dr. Robert Melillo, DC, PHD

Adjunct Professor at National University of Health Sciences

Alleviate Stress
& Depression

Eyelights are scientifically proven to cause significant improvements in stress reduction, depression and other neurological disorders.

Helps With Autism

Eyelights therapy stimulates the entire thalamus, creating a cascade of excitation and activity that eventually reaches each of our senses, resulting in a better ability to coordinate sensory information.

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