Inventory Deep Dive – Reconciliation Tool

With the reconciliation tool, I was able to find my lost inventory from earlier this year and it’s helping me keep the inventory on track. As of my last posting, I’m off by $11.86, and I know why!”

Vicky Turgeon, Controller, Mitotec Precision

  • Do you have trouble reconciling inventory. You either don’t have time at month-end or you work late and still can’t seem to get to the root cause?
  • Do you spend hours running Visual audits and fixes which should circumvent some of the Visual data issues but still have an inventory imbalance?
  • Are you frustrated and hope there has to be a better way?

Well, we know how you feel.  We spent years trying to reconcile inventory for our clients. We were usually able to find it but it took a lot of queries, lot of digging, a lot of research and a lot of time.  I got sick and tired of this and knew there had to be a better way.  That’s why we love the Inventory Deep Dive Reconciliation Tool.  It is quick to find the problem parts and even has some handy features to implement the fixes. I am no longer stressed when Inventory doesn’t reconcile.  Now I am excited to see how quickly I can find and fix the problems.

What is Inventory Deep Dive?

The Inventory Deep Dive Reconciliation application dives into the Visual database to find what has caused differences between the inventory postings for each Part ID compared to the Inventory Balance Report. Finding and fixing these differences is important for reconciling the General Ledger inventory accounts.

The tool provides options to find:

  • Inventory Transactions that don’t contain the final costs
  • Mismatches between the postings and the inventory transactions for all 5 journal types
  • Instances where the Product Code has been changed, thus putting costs in the wrong inventory buckets
  • Data problems and inconsistencies

Just imagine. Click one button and you will see which parts are causing the inconsistences.

From there you can dive into the actual transactions for those parts to see the exact transactions that are causing the differences. Then we just tell Visual to reprocess the postings.

Advantages of Using Inventory Deep Dive

  1. One report to show you by part the cause of inventory differences.
  2. You will save time because it is no longer necessary to run the audit tools on your entire database.
    • Run Cost Distribution for your problem parts.
    • Costing Analysis tools can be skipped as the exceptions will show up in the report. Then you just need to focus on the problems.

Investment in Inventory Deep Dive (one time)

  • There is no annual maintenance fee
  • Inventory Deep Dive is compatible from Visual Version 6 to 10
  • The tool can be used on all sites within a database
  • Product Code Fixer module optional

Watch this 3 minute video to get a quick look.