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We are accountants through and through. As Kim like to say “Accountants are my people”.  Our favorite thing to do is to work in the Costing area of Visual. This is the core of the Visual system and where the magic happens for your business.

  • Would you like a better understanding of how the costs work? No trouble. We have you covered.
  • Want to get your inventory reconciled? We know how to look for the problems. We don’t think of them as problems. We think of them as puzzles and we love puzzles.
    • Whether it is the 7 things that can happen in the General Ledger or
    • Running the 9 audits from within Visual ERP.
    • Plus we have some of our own audits that will get us to the answers faster.
    • And we have tools that will show the differences in the General Ledger by Part ID. Now that really helps us focus.
  • Need to have a better idea of your Work In Process figures.
    • We can help by providing an understanding of how your work order structure and procedures impact your work orders cost and thus your profitability.
    • We can set up audits to ensure your Work In Process is accurate. We want to avoid those nasty surprises.
  • We also love creating reports using Excel (a tool that we accountants love) connected to the Visual database. There is nothing more satisfying then to click a button and have your data available. You will look like a Superstar.

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Training & Education

In 2015, BTB offered their 1st open enrollment Visual training class. These were well received and lots of fun. Who knew accountants could be that much fun? Since then we have conducted over 30 classes. We have even had companies have their own personalized courses. It is fabulous to see the excitement when someone realizes their job can be easier and their boss is there to support them.

No matter the platform, the courses turned out to be a great way to share information on how Visual works and to allow discussions between users on how they use Visual. Can they do it differently? How do others utilize Visual’s plethora of options? And the most fun is dispelling the myths that Visual ERP doesn’t do what they want.

We have now turned our courses into our Virtual Visual series. Here’s our course offerings:

  • Actual Costing: Reporting, Recording and Reconciling
  • Under the Covers with Visual ERP Using MS Excel Query
  • Visual Controller’s Crash Course
  • Visual’s Standard Costing – Validations, Valuations and Variances
  • Visual ERP Controller & Beyond

After our courses we get the comments like:

  • “Wow, I attended ‘Getting Under the Covers with Infor Visual ERP Using MS Excel’ and this 1 day changed my life. I have been able to save 1 day in my month-end by creating queries versus downloading reports and manipulating in Excel. And I am just getting started. It is the best money I have ever spent on training. Thanks so much for a great day and all the useful tools.”

    – Deb Gillies, VP Finance, Assa Abloy

Overall, the attendees learn more about how to work Visual but also how Visual works.  And they are provided tools to make their jobs easier, speed up the process and in fact make the number more reliable. 

featured visual erp courses

Visual's Actual

Reporting, recording and reconciling for Visual ERP


Under the

With Visual ERP using Excel Query

Controller's Crash Course

Understanding Your Financial Setup

Visual's Work In Process

Whipping Your WIP into Shape


Effective (timely and accurate) reporting for Infor Visual ERP is a necessity in todays competitive environment.
Doing without effective reporting results in information that can easily lead to poor business decisions.  Get the most out of Infor Visual ERP.

Infor Visual ERP Reporting Areas

Training and modifications with Unify/Gupta Report builder to improve data provided with standard Infor Visual ERP reports.

Development of reports and audits using Excel query tool. The audits find potential problems within Infor Visual ERP that can cause balancing, posting or data integrity problems.

Assist with defining specifications for reports to be prepared in Access, Excel or Crystal Reports.

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