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PO Returns

Options to repost PO postings for Purchase Return Expense.

  1. Void the voucher and recreate it. This is the easiest and cleanest.
  2. If it is in the same month, select the voucher, go to File, Redistribute Transactions.
  3. Run VFFIXDST on the 1 voucher.  This must be run by SYSADM.  Everyone must be logged out of the system. 

The last 2 options relooks at the posting and if the return value has changed, it will make a 2nd posting moving between PO accrual account and purchase return expense. Sometimes it might impact exchange gain/loss or the expense account on the PO.


  • The utility is found in VMFG OR VISUAL directory.
  • Everyone must be logged out of the system. 
  • Utility must be run by SYSADM. Click  “I Agree
  • Click on AP invoices. 
  • Enter the Problem Voucher in the Start ID & End ID.
  • Enter the posting date for the fix.  Should be in the current period.

Once run go back to Payable, File, Print GL Transactions to see the posting.