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Best Practices in Visual ERP

Many times, I am asked what is the best practice as it relates to Visual. I have to say I hesitate with my answer.  My thought is always “What are the requirements of the company? How does the business run? What information does management need in order to make good decisions for the business?” 

If (and that is a big IF) every single business had the same requirements and ran the same way then there could possibly be a best practice. But then again, I am not so sure. Let me explain where I am coming from.

 I was in a meeting recently and someone was presenting a different way of doing things. Their justification as to why the company should change to this different method was “it is the best practice”.  I did cringe. I would have been fine with the statement “this is what the vast majority of my clients do” but that wasn’t the approach. So, I ask, “Does best practice mean do what is most common?”

 As a society or business community, have we not had some of our best breakthroughs when we did not follow the path of everyone else?   

 Amazon broke the rules. Apple computers broke the rules. I have been binge watching on Murdoch Mysteries and am so tickled when Murdoch comes up with some of the best new & innovative solutions.  I know this is TV but just think about some of the startling changes that have happened because we thought differently. 

 In my opinion, the best practice is to create transactions on a timely basis (real-time is even better), in the least amount of time, in a cost-efficient method, all with the objective of meeting the company’s management goals and requirements. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about making money and satisfying customers.

 So, do you want to follow the best practice or do you break the rules?