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Controller’s Crash Course

Visual Controller’s Crash Course

Are you a controller who’s just had Visual ERP crash land into your workplace responsibilities?

Maybe the controller’s position just crash landed into your workplace responsibilities and you need to know Visual ERP?

Or perhaps you’re a seasoned controller who correctly understands that if you know more about how to report accurately and effectively in Visual, your workplace success would really take off!

Whatever the case, this rewarding, training experience is tailor-made for YOU!

Whether you’re new to our ERP system, or whether you’re a Visual veteran who’s eager to uncover all its endless advantages, this hands-on training will give you a full understanding of your financial set up … using your own database!

You will discover …

  1. The Maintenance Files that Impact Visual’s Accounting Transactions
  • How the General Ledger is structured- including how to easily set up new accounts
  • The places where General Ledger accounts are stored to control the difference postings
  • Customer & Vendors set up – how this impacts accounting transactions
  • Review the set up for posting of inventory, sales & COGS accounts
  • Currency maintenance
  1. Transaction flow within Visual
  • The 13 different journal types & how they impact the subledgers
  • The hierarchy of Visual’s postings for all 13 journal types
  • The General Ledger accounts used for creation of the 13 journal types
  • Clearly, 13 is YOUR lucky number!
  1. General Journal Entries Creation
  • What does native currency mean?
  • Allocating dollars to many accounts
  • Using recurring entries monthly or on an as needed basis
  • Automating general journal entries
  1. Month-end and Year-end Processes
  • Review the 8-page month-end process which identifies the steps required for timely & accurate month-end reporting
  • The year-end requirements- including setting up a new calendar year & closing profit to retained earnings

You will take away…

  • A detailed manual with over 100 pages of detail instructions
  • 6 modified easy-to-read Visual reports
  • At least 2 Excel queries that you can use to speed up your month-end process

Course Instructor

Kim Worrall Kim Worrall Certified Trainer

Controllers Crash Course CAD

6 months of access

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