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Visual’s Standard Costing

“V” Stands for VICTORY!

And when it comes to taking control over standard cost management and reigning supreme in inventory reporting, you need systems success specialist, Kim Worrall, our ERP expert in Visual’s 3 V’S: Validations, Valuations and Variances.

If your company uses standard costing in Visual ERP, you’ll want to Seize the day! and benefit from this brilliant, hands-on workshop which will provide you with the building blocks of Visual

  1. costing set up
  2. managing standard costs and inventory reporting
  3. understanding costing variances

Course Information

You will learn …

  1. The building blocks behind Visual’s costing
    • How & when costs are updated
    • How the journals are created
    • Where Visual looks in GL accounts
    • The costing settings & how they impact creation of the journals & subledgers
  2. Managing Visual ERP’s standard costs
    • Detailed procedure for updating costs for purchased & fabricated parts & the resource costs
    • Capturing the impact of the change on the Inventory Valuation
  3. Valuations – How to manage the inventory valuation reporting
    • How to ensure your inventory report is accurate by finding cost changes
    • How to obtain your inventory balances at any time
    • The 5 second quick method for comparing your General Ledger & Valuation
  4. Variances – Reporting
    • Understanding the production variances by reviewing existing Visual reports
    • Purchase Price Variance Reports & GL accounts
  5. Validate – Reconciliation Process
    • The 10 things that can cause an imbalance in your General Ledger
    • Working with Costing Tools, including how to eliminate the exceptions
    • How to identify cost changes that you didn’t know about & quantify their impact
    • How to run mini-costing utilities to process specific fixes

But wait, there’s more!  You will take away …

  1. A detailed manual with over 50 pages full of instructions
  2. 5 modified Visual reports to make inventory reconciliations & costing analysis easier
  3. 3 sets of queries for quick comparison of the General Ledger & Inventory Subledgers
  4. Detailed step-by-step procedure for updating standard costs
  5. Queries to help analyze PPV & product variances
  6. Queries to identify differences between Engineering Masters & Standard Costs

After the workshop:

  • You’ll continue to benefit from subsequent support for questions or troubleshooting
  • Each company will be gifted a personal, 60-minute, one-on-one coaching call with Kim to seek help on any Visual ERP aspect

Who should attend?

Users of any version of Visual’s Enterprise. Specifically:

  • CFO’s/ Finance VP’s
  • Controllers/Assistant Controllers
  • Accounting Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Others interested in a better understanding of Visual Financials

Course Instructor

Kim Worrall Kim Worrall Certified Trainer

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