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Oh, crap. Is it month-end again?

That is how I felt when I was a controller. I would mumble to myself – “Didn’t we just finish last month-end?” Back in my day, month-end could take a couple of weeks. I can just imagine that closing month-end now is much more demanding than it was in my day. (I am not admitting to how long ago that was; however, I did not use an abacus 😊).

Even though I don’t really have a month-end like before, I can totally relate to the clients who work with Visual ERP. I know. I get the calls and emails. My ________________ doesn’t reconcile (you fill in the blank). Since getting involved with Visual ERP, I think this has led me to loving to reconcile General Ledger (GL) accounts. I have to admit that reconciliation of Inventory to the GL accounts is the most challenging.

I recall early in my Visual ERP career getting requests to help reconcile inventory. I have to admit again- that I was lost. It took me months before I realized there was an Inventory Transaction Entry report. Then I figured out how to run Costing Tools. There were so many different things that could happen. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes it could be a problem with the General Ledger.

  • Is everything posted?
  • Did someone post an incorrect entry to an Inventory Account?
  • Did a buyer use an Inventory Account on a PO? These are a little trickier to find.

Or maybe it is something related to an inventory transaction. Many companies have a gazillion parts, thousands of transactions and hundreds of work orders. Have you ever tried to find the transactions that are causing the problem? Is a Purchase Order, Work Order, Customer Order, Inventory Adjustment or Labor Ticket? It can be a challenge. I am almost feeling anxious thinking about trying to find. Or maybe I have had too much coffee 😊.  

To make month-end more challenging, like many things these days, we want to do more in less time. No more 2 weeks to close. How about 2 days? To speed up this process, we developed the Inventory Deep Dive Reconciliation Tool. Can you imagine clicking one button to identify the problem areas within your Visual database? All of this in less than 2 minutes. Next, how about being able to find the part ID and the transaction that is causing the difference? Again, we have magic buttons for that. Now, what if the tool can help to resolve the problem? Again, with a click of a button. Talk about being able to focus your efforts.

If you are the least bit curious, we invite you to click on the LINK to find out more.