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Visual ERP – Have you ever had a secret?

Have you ever had a secret? One that you didn’t want to tell anyone. One that you held tight to your heart.

There could be a variety of reasons for this.

1. It could be someone asked you to keep quiet. Mom’s the word, or,

2. Maybe it was out of respect as telling the secret would hurt someone (yes, I hear my mother’s voice saying “don’t ever hurt anyone, be kind”), or,

3. It was something you wanted to keep to yourself. And why? Possibly to give you an advantage. Well, I have to sheepishly admit I have been in this latter category. I don’t think Mom would be proud of me for doing this especially since she has instilled in me the desire to help others.

So, what is MY secret? I have been having secret rendezvous over the past few years. The rendezvous have not been with a person but an application that works with Visual. It is called Inventory Deep Dive – Reconciliation Tool. It has become my go-to tool when I get the call “my inventory doesn’t reconcile.” I run my secret tool and it shows me all kinds of things that are contributing to the imbalance.

  1. The first step is identifying a common but hidden problem with Visual ERP’s inventory transactions. Addressing this 1 situation can fix lots of the imbalance problems. One client was out $44K. The amount had crept up over a few months. This one tip fixed all but a few hundred dollars.
  2. Next, I am able to compare the GL postings by Part ID to the inventory balance by Part ID. Cool, eh?
  3. Then we drill down to the specific transactions that are causing the problem. We can see if the transactions did not post correctly or if we possibly have timing differences.
  4. Then we tell Visual ERP to have another look at the transaction to fix the problem. All with the proverbial easy button.

My secret tool has been so wonderful to work with. It makes inventory reconciliation fun (almost as much fun as playing cribbage with my Mom when I was 6 years old). Sometimes I can find and fix the inventory problems in less than an hour. Other times it could take a bit more. But I know I have my secret tool to help which gives me a level of comfort.

I can envision the many mothers who work with Visual ERP using this tool. Now instead of spending time trying to reconcile inventory, they could use the Inventory Deep Dive – Reconciliation Tool to get the job done quickly. Then they could come home to spend more time with their children. Sounds like a plan for Mother’s Day.


PS – The tool could be used by fathers too. Father’s Day is just around the corner.