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What does the Appalachian Trail have to do with Visual Focus?

Our nephew, Troy, recently graduated from university. Rather than getting a job in his career choice of economics, he determined another path. He decided to hike the Appalachian Trail. For those of you not familiar with the trail, it is 2,190 miles starting in Georgia and ending at Mt. Katahdin, Maine.  Troy has planned to bring only what he needs, no more no less. To make his load as light as possible, he even cut unnecessary parts from his backpack.

Shortly, after that I was at the Visual Focus conference in Louisville, KY. Our hosts, Synergy, BizTech and Visual South began the event talking about the state of manufacturing. They talked about the how manufacturing companies are becoming more and more creative on accomplishing more with less. Cut out the unnecessary parts. Only use what you need. Just like Troy.

This got me wondering exactly how this would apply to Visual ERP. There are so many ways to become more efficient. Here’s a few:

  • EFT/ACH payments instead of printing paper checks.
  • Bar-coding for labour collection and material processing. Saving lots of manual efforts plus allowing the business to run with up to the minute information.
  • Apps that allow the customer to place their orders into Visual. Again, saving time and eliminating possible input errors.
  • Creating queries to pull the data directly from the tables rather than running the reports. One of my recent favorites is queries that pull the Inventory Balance amounts and comparing to the General Ledger in seconds. Much faster than running the reporting, recording the figures and comparing the General Ledger.
  • Automation for receiving credit card payments.

When you work with Visual, think about Troy and the Appalachian Trail. How can you be more efficient, get better and faster information?  If you lack some inspiration, let me share a little more about Troy. He is walking to raise money for cancer research. His dad was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer so Troy is raising money for the Cancer Treatment and Cancer Research | MD Anderson Cancer Center. If you would like to donate on Troy’s behalf see the instructions at the end of this post.

I wish you the best in your improvement project for your manufacturing company.  It can be a long journey but the views, people and sense of accomplishment will be spectacular. If you want to follow Troy here is the link –

  • To donate go to
  • Fill out your information.
  • Select “Yes! I’d like to choose where my donation will go.”
  • Select “other”
  • Type in “beat” (This is the MOST important part!)
  • Click “Give Now”