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The 5 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright in Visual ERP

Do you ever panic clicking buttons in Visual ERP? Costing tools? Revaluation? Updating standards? Physical inventory? These are windows you might use infrequently so it may not be second nature. Do you become unsure? Does your heart race? I have to admit I felt that way all the time when I was learning Visual. I like to compare this to live performances, whether acting, singing, or even giving a speech. There can be nervous energy. I must admit I get nervous when I teach my Visual courses even though I know my material.

 What can you do to get rid of the nerves?

 1. PRACTICE in a copy of the database. Think of it like a dress rehearsal. Not sure about Costing Tools? Even running FORCE FIFO? Take a chance and run them in a test database. Then run full costing to determine what has changed. We have a document that outlines the steps for assessing the results of this test. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR DOWNLOAD

 2. PROCEDURE. Follow a good procedure (or script). You may be able to make one up in your practice environment. Or ask anyone in your company if they have a procedure. Or even check out our website. We have some for you to download and use. But note we still recommend testing in a copy of your database.

 3. BE BOLD. Try to teach someone else. It is amazing the questions they will ask. If you don’t know the answer, my bet is you will try to figure it out. I know I do. This could almost be like doing lines with another actor.

 4. CHEAT. Ask someone who has done it before. Kind of like copying someone else’s homework. It could be someone within your company, a user from another Visual company (you may have met at a local user’s group), or even a consultant. Many times, their experiences can save you time and anxiety. They can virtually and literally “hold-your-hand”. It is almost like the prompter who provides the actors missing cues or lines.

 5. DELEGATE. There may be someone else within your company that can do it. There are instances, where I see the IT department taking on these tasks. I have noticed these folks have a lot less anxiety about pressing buttons. The caution here is “do they have an appreciation for the expected results?” If you go this route, you will still need to look at the results. You may have to explain the financial results.

 As I was writing and pondering this, I came across some instances that gave me an entirely different perspective on why some people don’t go into these “uncharted areas”:

  •  One client had some exceptions on their Inventory Valuation – Negative Balance cost layers. The person was new to the position, was aware of them but didn’t know what to do. The bad layers had existed for over a year so they stayed on the list. Sometimes, the longer a problem exists, the longer costing will need to run once the fix is implemented. They didn’t do anything because they didn’t have a script.
  •  Another client had an error. They didn’t even try to fix it. I got a rather short email asking for help. They had the delegation step covered. I was able to resolve it fairly quickly. I have done the fixes, so the nerves are reduced. I have been in this play before. I know. Nervous at first but after a while my confidence has grown and I know what to do.
  •  It was tax time. I am an accountant so I should be able to do our own returns. I believe I could do them but it isn’t something I do regularly. Why not use a CPA who does hundreds of tax returns a year? They are the pros.

 To recap – How to get rid of your stage fright?

Practice, follow procedure, be bold, cheat or delegate. And if you don’t want to go “on stage” have an expert, do it. 

 And if you prefer not to go “on stage” consider turning to the experts to do it.