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What 5 things do Visual ERP and baby birds have in common?

One of the benefits of working from home is being closer to nature. Looking out my office window, I can see the trees and enjoy the sunshine. Just outside my office, we had a momma robin build a nest. She has been really busy getting ready for the new arrival.

This reminded me of an implementation or reimplementation with Visual ERP. Let me explain. 

  1. There is lots of activity and attention as you get ready. You are building a foundation from which the company can grow. Just like the bird nest. Think of the amount of focus you had when Visual ERP was being implemented at your company. You had to get it right. Like the momma robin.
  2. Then there was the anticipation. The baby birds were going to arrive any day. Or you are getting ready for go-live. There is a nervous energy all around. What is it going to look like? Would it be healthy? Are we talking the birds or Visual ERP? Actually, it is both.
  3. Then there is the arrival (or go-live). Is it quick or is it slow? The more planning and practice you do the faster it can be. I always like to do multiple mock-go lives. Just like a dress rehearsal. But that is a different analogy. Let’s get back to the birds. At this point you see the fruits of your labour. The excitement has mounted to a crescendo. You have accomplished your goal.
  4. Next is the nurturing stage. Our baby birds need lots of attention. They can’t fend for themselves. The momma bird has to totally provide for them. Not quite like Visual users but there are some similarities. Some will need lots of attention. Visual may be new to them and takes a bit to get the hang of things. Then others are quick learners. Show them once and they’ve got it.
  5. The last stage has mixed emotions. The baby birds are able to fly away on their own. The Visual users are then able to use Visual without any help. In many ways, I feel like the momma bird. I have focused, nurtured, and taught but now the users don’t need me anymore. It is a bit sad. I have truly grown to care for the Visual users. 

So, with mixed emotions, I see them soar, but I am sad to miss their chirpy dispositions.

As I am writing this, I heard a chirp outside my office window.  Maybe it is the baby bird. Do you think it needs me?