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Can you find the Bubbles in Visual ERP?

Bubbles – This can conger up some fun images, but this time of year, thoughts easily go to the Champagne Bubbles as we ring in the New Year.

But how do bubbles relate to Visual ERP? Please bare with me and I will explain.

My husband and I recently took a vacation to Napa County, California. I did some research before the trip, but I did not fully appreciate the magnitude of the wine industry in Napa and its neighbour county Sonoma. I have to admit to being slightly overwhelmed. The questions rolled around in my head. How do I know which are the best wineries? Which ones are absolute musts?

Then I started relating this back to Visual ERP and how a new user might react. There are lots of windows to do your work, hundreds of reports, thousands of fields and so many different things that Visual ERP can do. It could be staggering for a new user. 

That’s when I thought of Renee, our guide with Gourmet Food and Wine Tours in Napa & Sonoma. Renee picked out some of the best food and wine there was to offer. We walked around several towns and enjoyed. No decisions needed to be made. What I found enlightening was we had food I would typically avoid. Our first stop – Indian food. I was hesitant but what we had was delicious. It just kept getting better & better.

Now- what if a new Visual user was given a ‘tour guide’ to show them the best places to go? Less time spent floundering – going down the wrong path, making the wrong selection. I am sure many companies have an on-boarding process that trains people on how to use Visual. And there is the on-line help. I recently had a client hire a new Controller. Their first two days on the job was attending our ‘Controller Crash Course’.  I was their guide. 

One of the other things our California guide taught us was appreciation for other wines- in particular- sparkling wines or bubbles as Renee affectionately called it. Again, not one of my regular choices. I pretty much select Chardonnay. But again, I thought back to Visual and how many times we use it the exact same way every day. 

Maybe it is time to put some bubbles in your Visual ERP. Let’s define bubbles as something fun and uplifting. Something that brings you joy. Visual does that for me.

Some of my recent “bubbles” have been:

  • Using Account Groups for all the accounts that need to be reconciled. I can click on the “account groups” checkbox in Accounting Window to display the balance. Then it is an easy copy and paste into Excel. No more keying the numbers into a spreadsheet.
  • The new Financial Journal Window allowing you to post all non-manufacturing transactions with one click. And you can review the posted or unposted activity in this window too. 
  • Using Customer Groups and Vendor Groups to make managing your banking even easier.
  • Or maybe you would like to use the Service to Automate Costing Utilities. No more having to remember to run Costing Utilities. Let Visual automatically do it.

If you are not sure where to find the Visual “bubbles”- consider looking at the Videos. Go to your main help menu, then Video Library. This is full of so much information. I am almost giddy every time I look at them. Even better than champagne.  

This New Year as you are waiting for the ball to drop and to possibly have the customary glass of bubbles, you may think about bubbles in Visual ERP and all the special treats that are in store.  

Happy New Year’s to all and to a Prosperous 2020.