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Eliminate the stress of communicating with Visual ERP’s language capabilities

Bonjour … Guten Tag … Good Day.

In our ever-expanding global economy, speaking the same language as your client isn’t always a guarantee; however, staying on top of your clients’ language preferences doesn’t need to be a hassle when you know how to use Visual ERP’s language tools.

When you use the language features, Visual ERP creates customized documents just when you need them. Need an invoice in French? Just set up a language ID and assign it to the customer or a specific customer ship-to address. Need customer order acknowledgements and packlists in German? Not a problem. Visual ERP can generate them with just a few clicks.

But the benefits don’t stop there! Visual ERP is designed to give you exactly what your client needs and nothing they don’t in any language, even English. With a few simple steps, set up your accounts to acknowledge:

• A different division (name, address and/or logo)
• Personalized banking information
• Client formatting preferences
• Preferred international business conventions
• Whatever it is your customers requires

Don’t be caught unaware. Next time you have a unique invoicing, shipping or order requirement and someone asks if it can be done, let us make sure you can respond “Mais Oui!”