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Who is in Visual?

It’s month-end and you are trying to post all the entries and reconcile your accounts. You don’t want anything changing so you request everyone to stop recording any new transactions in Visual ERP. You post everything and you start to reconcile your accounts and they don’t reconcile. Frustrating. Right?

You check a few things and then after some digging you find there are new transactions posted. Even though you asked people not to do anything. Arghhh.    

So how do you really ensure individuals don’t create transactions when you don’t want them to? 

Option 1 – have your IT department kick them out but that is a bit extreme.

Option 2 – walk around to ensure that all the people you don’t want in Visual are out. This again would be rather labour intensive. And with many people working remotely, not even feasible.

Option 3 – Check in Visual to see who is logged into the system. If you are the system administrator, you can check “signed in user” under the admin menu. Anyone with entries for Menu are logged in the system.

If you don’t have system rights you can check the “logins” table through the query tool. The script is:


This will show who is in Visual ERP. If you want to dig a bit deeper, you could see what programs the user is using and the last time they did something. The script for this is:


Just change the name to who you found with the first script.

Option 4 – Is one of the cool things with Visual 10. You can close off Visual by functional area. You might be okay with Accounts Payable continuing to post but you want Accounts Receivable to stop their work.  This gives you a whole new level of flexibility.

So, it’s kind of like hosting your own online game and removing unwanted players. You can kick out any player by simply following the steps above. Kicking someone out of Visual isn’t a decision to be made lightly. Make sure you discuss it with your colleagues and the individual first! Chances are, everyone will be happier in the end with perfectly reconciled accounts and a much faster month-end.