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I have been cheating on my husband!

It began innocently. At first, we started meeting once a week. I was enjoying myself. I kept thinking “What’s the harm?”, but then once per week wasn’t enough. Then it was two and sometimes even 3 times every week. I kept saying “It’s not serious”. I would find myself day-dreaming. But then I started sneaking away from my husband and you can guess the rest. Even my dreams were consumed. I couldn’t stop my mind from going there. Boy, oh, boy. I was in big trouble.

Then I had to come clean. The conversation with my husband went something like this: “Honey… I have a confession to make. Please don’t get mad, but I am in love. I couldn’t help myself.” “It just happened. I didn’t mean for it to happen.” I was speeding up the words. I figured if I talked faster, that the message would be easier to swallow. As you can imagine, he wasn’t very happy with me.

“… But let me explain. At first, I was just intrigued but there was something that piqued by curiosity. Before I knew it, I was in love with … Visual ERP!” I could see his shoulders relax … a bit, but still not entirely happy. I continued “I’m not sure what did it. Maybe it’s because Visual is just easy but powerful at the same time. Such a great combination. Or maybe it was the colours or the pictures or oh … I just can’t put my finger on it. Sorry but I can’t stop myself”.

And I haven’t. Visual & I are celebrating our 25th anniversary in August. We are still in love. We have grown together. Visual is always adding new things to spice up the relationship. And I keep working my way around to get what I want out of it (I do like finding creative ways to use Visual ERP!) And no matter what, I keep learning more. As I said. I can’t help myself.

At this point, my husband has resigned himself to the fact that there is a 3rd “person” in our relationship. But I think if I pressured him, he would have to admit that “He also loves Visual ERP as much as I do!”.