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INFOR Visual 8 – Top 7 Trick or Treats for Accountants

Infor Visual 8

Happy Halloween!!  Made me start thinking about all the cool treats in Infor Visual 8 that are especially useful for accountants.

Continuing our top 7 theme, here we go.

  1. Customer Groups – Have you ever had ever had multiple customer ID’s in Infor Visual that are really one big customer? Now you can create a group and associate all the individual customers.  Then the cool part is the cash receipt can be applied against all the customers.  Not only that, but the field could be used in reporting as well.
  2. Automagic Costing Utilities – You can set Costing Utilities to automatically run on certain days and times. The 1st steps for updating inventory and work order costs could be set to run daily.  Or even multiple times during the day.  You can set the journals to run on certain days of the week.  You no longer have to worry about forgetting to run them before you go home.
  3. Activities and Reminders – Just imagine entering follow-up activities for collection calls or even to ensure a special vendor is paid. You can assign it to yourself or another users.  And then you get a reminder, so you don’t forget.  That’s a nice trick.
  4. Enhanced Query Tool – One of my favorites. Almost as good as Coffee Crisp chocolate bars.  You have always been able to create scripts but now Visual 8 will show you the tables and all their field names.  Sure makes things easier when looking for information in Visual 8.
  5. Vendor Groups – Similar to customer groups, you can link a bunch of vendors to a group. Then you can may a payment for the group.  One of my clients is going to use this to pay their credit card bills which covers lots of different vendors.
  6. Customizable User Defined Fields – Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable – Now if you wanted to store extra information for AP or AR invoices, you can do it.
  7. Dashboards – Now we can show lot of different analytics in real pretty graphs. Reminds me of Excel but even better because the data is all in Visual.  As they say, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.”

So we do hope you are enjoying your Halloween and Visual 8 treats.

Kim Worrall is a CPA, CA with over 30 years of business consulting and financial management experience. Kim has been consulting with Visual ERP for over 20 years. She knows the tables like the back of her hand – something to do with her excitement over solving number problems. Kim’s love of numbers has made her the go to person for solving complex issues within Visual ERP.