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Unleash the Hidden Power of Visual ERP: Your Inventory’s Dream Come True

Imagine a world where inventory reconciliation becomes effortless, a symphony of accuracy dancing across your fingertips. With our expertise, we guide Visual ERP users, like you, towards this financial nirvana.

We are the whisperers to Visual’s hidden potential, the key that unlocks a love affair with financial and cost accounting. Our mission? To ignite a passion for Visual that burns as bright as your bottom line.

Visual erp consulting

We match your business requirements with Visual ERP’s functionality. Our business and Visual knowledge along with our passion makes for a great match.

Visual erp reconciling

Intriguing and Mysterious: Is your inventory a secret? Our Inventory Reconciliation Tool can help you uncover the truth. Say goodbye to discrepancies and hello to flawless inventories.

courses and workshops

Pre-set courses and customized courses to help you succeed.

Visual ERP training

Need help? New staff? We can help with getting them up to speed.

our mission

We’ve been empowering the Infor Visual ERP community in Canada and the United States since 1995, back when Visual was known as Visual Manufacturing. Our mission is to deliver effective solutions for your critical Visual ERP challenges, ensuring accurate data so you can make informed decisions. Because in manufacturing, precise information is essential for success.

Kim Worrall, Visual ERP Guru

Our Mission

featured visual erp courses

Visual's Actual

Reporting, recording and reconciling for Visual ERP


With Visual ERP using Excel Query

Controller's Crash Course

Understanding Your Financial Setup

Visual's Standard Costing

Validations, Valuations and Variances


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