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Visual 8 – Going back to School – How do they compare? Infor Visual ERP

Just got back from 2 action-packed days in Houston at the INFOR Next conference. Maybe since it was September, it reminded me of going back to school. Do you remember that feeling – new markers, new papers, new math? At INFOR they had the coolest stuff in their knapsack.

They got out their markers and started coloring all over the place in Infor Visual ERP.

  • The Manufacturing Window now has different colours for different types of materials making it even easier to quickly grasp the components on a work order.
  • The windows have colours that are easier on the eyes. It’s all about ease of use.

And they have gone to art class using pictures for the life cycle of an order. Again more colours.


And math class (one of my favorites), there are graphs available all over the place. Bar graphs and pie charts. It is a mathematician and accountants dream. Since I am both, I was very excited.

And INFOR now has cool dashboards on our splash screens. We can decide what we want to see. It is almost like getting your report card every day. Actually, even better every hour or more frequently.



The activities and reminders made me think of the recess bell. When it rings you know you are supposed to do some work now. Same with the reminders. They let you know about your To Do’s. And you can even assign them to other people in Infor Visual ERP.

And INFOR was thinking about the user more with the Auto Run service for windows like Costing Utilities, MRP and scheduling. So now you don’t have to worry about these tasks thus giving you more time at recess, having fun or doing your homework.

This is just a smattering of some of the new improvements. The number is too large to mention. But wait, I just heard the bell for the start of recess. Have to go.