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Visual ERP AP Scheduling Dates

We’ve all been there—time is running short and we need a way to print all the checks at once from Visual ERP.

How would you like to just click a button and have Visual ERP print all your checks (or cheques for us Canadians)? Now, you can.

A lot of people don’t realize that Visual has two different due dates on Accounts Payable invoices.

  1. The due date based on the vendor’s terms
  2. The pay schedule date which is the date you really want to pay it.

These due dates can be changed in the payment scheduling window. To truly make the best use of Visual to manage your cash, set the default pay preference in Accounts Payable invoice entry to pay. (Save hold for disputed invoices).

Then you can generate the cash requirements report or use payment scheduling window for all invoices due by a particular date. If you don’t want to pay, DO NOT PUT IT ON HOLD, simply change the pay date out a week or two and expect to see it get picked up on a future payment run.

There you go. Easy, simple, fast—not something you hear a lot in this business, but thank goodness it’s true in this case!

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