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Where were you at the Stroke of Midnight, With Visual ERP?

Happy New Year!! Hope you had a nice one. My husband and I had the pleasure of going out for dinner. It was lovely to get out and see people, especially after the past few years. At midnight, we had the count down to 2023.

Fast forward to the next day when I received an email from a client stating they were having trouble with their inventory reconciliation. We connected and were discussing their month-end process.

I asked “Do you compare the Inventory Valuation and Inventory Balance Reports?”

Their response “Yes, we do. There is a program that automatically creates these reports and emails them to us. We get them in accounting and then we do a comparison”. 

I was glad to hear that since this is one of the steps on the month-end checklist. But what if they didn’t have this automation? Would people have been at their computers at midnight on New Year’s Eve. So instead of watching the ball drop in Times Square, they were watching the times as costing and the reports ran. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me. Gives times square a whole new meaning.

This got me thinking about what other companies would have done. Did the accountants or IT dial into work on the 1st to run the reports? Or did they just go with the assumption that the Inventory Balance Report was correct and did not do a comparison to the Inventory Valuation Report? This would be all fine and good if the Inventory Balance Report reconciled to the general ledger. But what if it didn’t? …………… What would you do? 

Well, if it was me, I would run the Inventory Deep Dive reconciliation tool which has the ability to compare the Inventory Balance Report to the Inventory Valuation, even after month-end. So at midnight on the last day of the month (or year), I can be watching the ball drop or I can have dropped my head on a pillow. If you want to know more about this tool, check out this link.