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Are you Captain of your Visual ERP?

Have you ever pretended you knew more than you did about a particular topic? Recently we went to a boat show and decided to pretend we were in the market for a yacht. We made our way onto several of the models waiting for new (and knowledgeable) owners. At first it was fun—sitting in the captain’s seat envisioning ourselves cruising the open waters with our friends lounging around on the decks drinking champagne.

But the charade came to a screeching halt when I saw the captain’s control panel. It was full of levers and switches and buttons, all covered with a big DO NOT TOUCH sign … probably in place to fend off wishful dreamers like myself who have no clue where to start.

The control panel was a great big reminder that it would take a lot of knowledge and training to operate a yacht. And that got me thinking. How many times in business do we assume something is simple, only to be confronted with complex situations far beyond our skill level?

In January, we conducted our first Back to Basics webinar—”Getting Under the Covers with Visual ERP.” Conducting a webinar meant that I had to learn the software needed to communicate with our trainees. My partner got me signed on and said “click on the ‘My Webinars’ button.” Sounds simple enough, right? (Driving a yacht sounded simple too until I saw the control panel.) I looked at my computer screen and saw an online control panel with dozens of icons and words, but no “My Webinars” button. My partner finally had to show me and then continued my on-the-spot training as we stepped through each screen.

How frustrating!

Just as my partner assumed I’d quickly understand the webinar software, I am often guilty of assuming our clients will grasp the details of Visual ERP just by me saying “Click here” and “Scroll there.” Sadly, I am sure there have been times this strategy failed miserably. Thank goodness each of my clients receives detailed documentation designed with something for every learning style.

While it is nice to have the documentation to back up my training, it’s important to recognize that each client has a unique skill set and starting point when it comes to using Visual ERP.

Where are you in this spectrum? Are you ready to drive the yacht and really go deep with Visual ERP? Or, are you just starting out, looking for guidance as you implement this software for the first time? Should you be interested in a sample of our documentation like year-end checklist or physical inventory procedure please visit Don’t you want to captain your Visual ERP application?