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Top 10 Ways to Clean Up a Visual ERP DB


You don’t have to look very hard to find hoarding shows on television these days. I’m thankful to say I haven’t hit the level of clutter found in the homes featured on these shows, but seeing the messes recently inspired me to take a course on decluttering. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to simplify by getting rid of things in my house, car, office, and, yes, even Visual ERP!

Databases are a vital tool for running and controlling your business. While today’s technology makes it nearly impossible to truly throw anything away, decluttering your files can make information more readily accessible, creating a more efficient and streamlined workplace.

How, you ask? Here are the top ten ways to stop hoarding in your Visual ERP database:

1. Inactivate General Ledger Accounts, Vendors, Customers, Parts and Resources.
2. Write off small amounts on the Accounts Receivable aging.
3. Review the Purchase Order Accrual analysis report and eliminate old receivers (Procedure available!)
4. Get rid of unnecessary information on reports, or make them more presentable by adding lines to break sections.
5. Delete financial report writer reports that are no longer used.
6. Clear or void old outstanding cheques.
7. Remove old Work Orders on the Work in Progress balance report.
8. Review open Customer Orders and Purchase Orders. Close them if they are complete.
9. Ensure you don’t have invalid postings to your inventory general ledger accounts. These could be AP invoices, journal entries, bank adjustments and even purchases.
10. Eliminate costing tool exceptions (And sign up for our Inventory Reconciliation course to learn how to find and fix these last two!)

I hope you give some of these a try! A decluttered Visual ERP database not only helps by managing data more effectively, but also adds quality to your records. Not sure how to make these work? Sign up for our monthly tips & tricks today!