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Road Trip to Possibilities with Visual ERP

My 80 year old mother got a new car. We went on a road trip to Ottawa which is a 5 hour drive.  I was driving and started pressing buttons that she knew nothing about.  There were so many options she got out the manual and we tried to figure things out. We were both excited but sceptical about display of “the miles left to drive on the tank” but being numbers people we still liked it.

This got me to thinking about how most people use Visual ERP or any software for that matter. How do we learn?  We get formal training or we figure out on own how something works.  We determine enough to do our jobs.  But then we get busy and we don’t always have time to “press the buttons – play with the options”.

Minolta DSC

So here is your challenge for the next week. Next time you login to Visual ERP, take 2 minutes to check out the buttons.

 Day 1

  • Open a window you work in every day, check out all the icons on the screen. Do you know what each of them does? If you don’t, go to the help menu. Just like getting out the car manual.

Day 2

  • Again, in one of your everyday windows. Go to File – see what reports are available. Pick a report. Then check out the options. Many times, it is 1 window but you have different ways to print the report. Have a look. Do you like the different options?

Day 3

  • Look at the list of windows you have available. See if there are windows you don’t go into. Open them. See what’s there.

Day 4  

  • Everyday window – Click on the … or magnifying glass on the key field (i.e. invoice ID or order or whatever). Then go to Options, Edit Columns. Scroll through the list and look at all the fields you can add just by clicking in the box.

Day 5 – Test Drive

  • Here is your big test. While you were looking at the different options and windows, you may have come across something in Visual ERP that looks a little scary. In a copy of your database, give it try. Think of it like driving a simulator instead of a real car.

Have fun but drive safe.

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